Friday, January 14

Lake Update: 1/8

Disclaimer: this post is loooooong. BUT there are pictures galore, so that should make up for it. Dad and I visited the lake house last weekend to try and nail out some details about lighting fixtures/placement and plumbing woes. I haven't been up there since probably November or late October and they have made some serious progress! April is our goal to finish the basement. 
 Since then the new casement windows and sliding glass door have been delivered and installed. All of the overgrown shrubs that blocked the light from the basement were taken out (do not fret, it does look naked now, but- in case you didn't know- my dad is a Master Gardener, watch out!)
A glimpse of the old windows and the beautiful sasanqua in bloom. It kind of makes me sick to know that it is gone, but it was blocking the entire bedroom window :( Oh, and that's my baby brother, Travis.
 New windows/door, new light. We decided to go with casement windows with no grills to optimize day light and views. Plus, we live a simple life up here. No cable, no internet, no window grilles :) Just books, sun, naps, eating and movies. Usually in that order. 

New window and patched drywall in the back bedroom...there is still a door-sized hole leading to the newly expanded future bathroom.
Sooo much more light in here with that huge sasanqua gone....

There is the wall Jeff is building to define our new laundry room.

One wall devoid of wallpaper. Dad learned his lesson with over-enthusiastic wallpaper stripping methods when he took off the drywall tape with it.
The upstairs guest bedroom is filled with mattresses waiting for a home. The king will be going in the water-facing bedroom in the basement. The back bedroom with be home to several sets of bunk-beds immigrating from my brothers' rooms at home.
Check out those lightweight cotton blankets in a off-white and grey chevron-y pattern. Score for like 15$  on clearance at Homegoods.
That's all for now folks. This week with the help of my architecture school side-kick Eileen (old habits die hard, I still can't work without her) we (mostly) nailed down a lighting scheme for the basement main room. Orders have been placed for the sink, bathroom lights, faucets, barnwood...progress is being made.


i hope you all have a creative day said...

Everything looks FABULOUS! And I still can't work without you either. xoxo. And the nursery color makes me swoon. aahhhhh.

Justine said...

Looks awesome! I hope to get to see it in real life sometime :)

Alexandra said...

it looks SO BRIGHT in the basement, i cant wait to see how it gets transformed :) and yaaay progress!

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