Saturday, August 28

Quilting 101

Over the past few months I have been embracing my, er, matronly side and am proud to announce that I have finally completed my first quilt. I have serious respect for quilters out there, this stuff requires lots of patience with an extra dash of patience tossed in for good measure! I was just too sentimental to toss my those high school and college t-shirts that I just never wore soo...voila!
I can see the potential calming effects of quilting, but I am pretty sure it can only be calming if you don't have two little helpers that are always fighting to sit in your lap while you are quilting. But it's super cozy-just in time for fall, and I am glad I learned to do it!


Justine said...

I wish I had known you were doing this! I've got a bag of T-shirts and have wanted to make one of these for a few years, but don't have the guts to do it on my own, since I'm not very craft-y. I would have loved to have worked on one alongside you! Oh well, let me know next time :)

cathy said...

Love your quilts. You must get all your talent from your favorite auntie...

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