Monday, August 16

Hello, just back from my mental staycation

Hello readers and family...let's be honest....more family than readers. Is anyone out there? I have recently returned from my mental staycation. Life has felt like that intro they used to play right before your movie at the theater...remember? The one where you are on a roller-coaster, and it was always fun to put up your a roller-coaster? No? Nate, swears that never happened either. 

Too much life has happened since I last posted so I will just recap our weekend. Where to begin...well let's start with the worst. Friday afternoon I spilled water. onto my brand new MacBook Pro. yes. oh s***. It worked for a few hours then kerplunk. Friday night was spent wavering between guilt, anxienty, crying, and more guilt. Nate hoofed it over to the Apple store where the gentleman told him the best bet was to buy a new computer. 

Saturday afternoon I had an appointment with the Apple guys to see if they could just rebuild the inside. Well, let me tell you, God is so good in unexpected ways and moments. I told the two guys what had happened, and I must have looked like I was on the verge of a mental breakdown because they raised their eyebrows at each other and nodded. Huh? D'Art (yes that was his real name) looked at me and said, "We're going to take care of you." Huh? Oh, good it can be rebuilt. NOPE. They gave me a free replacement computer...and an upgrade! D'Art, you're the man. Crisis averted, the rest of the weekend looked pretty tame. 

While waiting for the hard drive to be transferred, I took the opportunity of no puppy and a burden lifted to do some shopping! (Nate got a kick out of that) I have officially started my Christmas list, yes, I am so sorry to say the "C" word in August, but no one is going to catch me without a list this year, no more scrambling to make stuff up that I don't really want. I have learned that as you get older your list undergoes some transformations: 1) it must get shorter 2) it must be edited for optimal bang for the buck 3) the overall price of items on said list goes up. Plus, once babies come (theoretical babies only, no real babies are in the foreseeable future) most of that $ that was directed towards your Christmas gifts will go toward baby. 

If you are still reading this then a big THANKS to you all (thanks, mom). 

The first item to officially make my fall/winter want list is....
Classic Trench from Banana Republic

More current news, today was my first day of class! I am taking some classes in Interior Design, part-time Apartment Life, part-time puppy/kitty mom (kitten is officially named Maximillian, did I share that already?). Life is busy and sweet. See you soon.


sarah, flourish design + style said...

Thank god for D'Art :) xx

Alexandra said...

I totally remember the roller coaster, no worries. you're not crazy ;) and how wonderful is GOD??? yay for new lappy. I expect a post on some new fun stuff you are learning soon!!

much love, your devoted reader slash pseudo big sis
bo ballie

Justine said...

i didn't know you were taking classes! that's great - as is the whole "new-computer" deal. you may even have my mom beat on getting good bargains :)
i don't really know what a mental staycation is, but it sounds awesome - maybe i should take one!

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