Thursday, August 19

ABC, 123

This week I started my interior design classes and I think I am  in love...who knew I loved/missed school? Never saw that one coming! I am taking AutoCAD to brush up, a graphic presentation class and a History of Furniture and Interior Design. Sitting in my history class on Tueday night with my eccentric, jolly and lovable Sean Connery look-a-like professor I thought, "Do I really get to go to class for this?" Its one of those dream classes, we get to learn about all of the classical furniture and modern classics that I drool over in magazines and blogs. Its a funny thing, to go back to school for something you actually love and want to learn. Soon I will be able to identify each of my currently untouched dining chairs!

As for the rest of life, does anyone else's to-do and want-to-do list seem to grow exponentially as time goes on? Off to buy the rest of my art supplies!

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Design Blooms said...

That is SO great!!! What school are you going to? In SC?

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