Wednesday, August 25

Tiny Prints=Tiny Joy

I've spent almost a year now pondering a business card, hours spent on Photoshop and I think it's a definite possiblity that I may be too picky to design my own card. BUT. I am loving these by Tiny Prints. Of course I love yellow.... have you figure that out yet? But the khaki seems so chic. What do you think?
I also used Tiny Prints for our Christmas cards last year, and since I cannot locate a digital proof or a USB cable to scan with a picture will have to suffice.
They weren't actually yellow...and next, my favorite part!
I spent hours reading the lyrics to Christmas songs and this one still makes me smile! Eech! Makes me want to start designing this years card!

Does anyone out there know of other well-designed business cards that I should look at? Let me know!


Natalie said...

Today on One King's Lane, Tiny Prints are on sale! You can now order your business cards for only $39 instead of $70. Check it out here:

And I just e-mailed you an invite if you are not yet a member of OKL!


cathy said...

I like the yellow one best.

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