Thursday, August 26

The klismos chair

Because I love my furniture and interiors history class (and you) I have decided that each week I will share with you an interesting tidbit/mini history lesson on something I learned in class. On the syllabus this week? The klismos chair.

klismos: Greek from lkinein meaning "to lean" or "to recline"
Reader, meet the 2,500 year old Greek klismos chair. While no original ancient klismos chair exists today, we see evidence of its existence in ancient Greek pottery and carvings.
Characterized by its splayed saber legs, curved back splat and top rail, and woven leather seat, the klismos chair (according to my professor) is the single most influential chair design in history. It has been reproduced throughout history by everyone from Martha Stewart to Baker.

While available in any number of finishes, materials, and shapes, one of the most authentic reproductions is made by Kreiss.
I hope you enjoyed your history lesson! Check back in again next week. 

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