Thursday, August 19

Bathing Bliss

The more time Nate and I spend in our apartment bathroom the more we realize the importance of a beautiful bath. Ours is laid out well, but no natural light, poor overhead lighting and vanity lights...yes, you there, you know about those Marilyn Monroe blaring vanity lights. Here are a few bathrooms I would not mind soaping up in.
via Pink Wallpaper

via Brunch @ Saks
Carrie Hayden Design
*love* the quatrefoil
Shaun Jackson Design
Windsor Smith
True or False. I have a previously unacknowledged need for a free standing tub? What's your dream bathroom personality? Chic and clean, classic with a twist, whimsical, dark and bold? My favorite is probably Windsor Smith's or the one with the green tub and amazing window. And even though, as a rule, I thoroughly dislike taking baths, but I might even be tempted sweat it out if I could have a window with a view like that.

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