Friday, March 5

Final Thoughts

I just finished my first lamp re-wiring! It took some time staring at a vague diagram of how to reassemble the lamp for me to figure out. Of course, there were written directions but they were wordy and looong, so I skipped them. Anyone can do this, do not be daunted by that broken lamps. I used a lamp re-wireing kit from Home Depot (side note: two of the gentlemen that I was talking to told me that they recognized me because I am a regular :) ha, dad would be so proud). 
Found this picture, when I was downloading the lamp. Forgot I took it! This chair has been at Sleepy Poet for a long time, wish I could give him a home.

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Heather said...

you know that song "if I had a million dollars"?

well, if I did, I'd totally hire you to help with my house--lawdy knows it needs it! I went to the Southern Spring Show this weekend and stopped at a both that said "Design Help, 5 (cents)" (like on Charlie Brown). I talked to the people there about choosing a color for my bedroom. I think I'm going with Sterling by Ben Moore. Anyway, I totally asked them (the guy went to Clemson!) if they were hiring and that I knew a totaly tallented new grad. No luck, but I am looking out for you! Give Reacher scratches for me!

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