Tuesday, February 22

Greetings compadres

Happy Tuesday to you all! This past weekend Nate and I went up to the lake for some much needed relaxation DIY time. (Actually it was to celebrate our birthdays but, alas, we were shanghaied into priming the new sheetrock in the basement) It was all pleasure, and we knew what we were getting ourselves into. The weekend was gorgeous and included naps in the sun (for Nate and Travis, punks), lots of wine and delicious food at Paesano's (the only, I repeat, ONLY restaurant in Seneca to go for "fine dining"), and of course a little labor.

Exhibit #1
My dad's fingers covered in primer while eating a sandwich. Never one to be daunted by a little paint, blood, or 300 pound mattresses, my dad insisted on eating his sandwich without cleaning his hands... even a couple chips (which required finger dexterity and not a few flecks of paint in the mouth, I'm sure).
AND...we all had Home Depot painter hats...

Exhibit #2
The kings of 25 year old mattresses. Two of the mattresses in better shape were taken by a guy at the dump to be used for his dogs...Reacher scoffed when he heard this and declared that he only wanted to sleep on our mattress, with sheets.

Exhibit #3
And now for the pictures we all know you came here to see:
We primed the new drywall downstairs. That is pretty much it...sorry to disappoint. But do you see the stacks of barnwood for the ceiling?? Exciting.

 Meanwhile in the bathroom: The shower is framed in and the wall that will hold the sink has been reinforced to hold up to 400 pounds, and all the new plumbing has been run.

Exhibit #4
Proof that my 8 ton kitten really does eat while lying down. (laying? lying? I looked it up but lost interest, which one is it?)
In other news, the house is in chaos...which I think goes without saying. The cats had to sleep on the table because there was no where else to go.

It was like Christmas at the lake as I got to open more of the items that have come in...lights, faucets, sinks (beautiful). Hopefully there will be more updates soon!

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Justine said...

You're right... your cat eats while lying down. Laying would be like "I'm laying the blueprints out on the table... you can look at them when I'm finished." :)

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