Tuesday, February 15

Pretty in pink

Two weekends ago my sweet neighbor was moving out (miss you Sarah) and she was getting rid of some things and Nate went scavenging. He came home with a lamp, shelves, and puppy pee pads, which we have gifted to our other neighbors who are getting a golden puppy. After Nate went scavenging I noticed there was one lonely lamp left and I snatched it up quickly. Insert that lampshade I have been hanging on to for two years (from his awesome G'parents) and voila!
You know my strange obsession with lamps and this one is just delightful in all her vintage glory. I love the gold striping and brass base and vintage-y mint green. And everything is sweeter when it's free.

On a bit more scholastic note. We had an exercise in class last week where we had to poll people about a color we were assigned and based on the results build a room around it. Thought you might like to see what we do for school work :)

The paint sample in the picture is turning a bit more hot pink than it is in real life, and that velvet is not quite so coral. Anyways, I had to design a feminine room using 6 items from the design lab...I have to say, I am pretty happy with how it turned out and would actually love to see this room come to life :) I am so girly sometimes. That's all I have to share today, folks.

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