Tuesday, February 1

Meet me in St. Louis, Louis

The title of this post has nothing to do with my life except I was watching it last night. And now the song is in my head!

An update: My classes finally started despite the efforts of our atmosphere to thwart them. I have three classes: Principles of Elements and Design (so fun, we rip out pictures from Elle Decor and analyze them), Products (we visit local trade showrooms), and Professional Practice for Interior Designers (very interesting, answers all those lingering questions). Reacher is now in doggie daycare two days a week. We knew he would not be able to handle the kennel for 8 hours two days a week, nor could I handle him once he got out of his kennel. He LOVES it. And sleeps hard for 24 hours afterwards.
This was after his first day at daycare, he is holding his duck and Max is concerned that he has stopped breathing. If you are in the Charlotte area, Reacher goes here. This morning I took Reacher out to do business and when we came back in he got in our bed (yes, spoiled, we know.) and slept until 10:30, alone. Max is growing like a beanstalk and he lays down to eat. 

Our schedule is filling up too quickly for our comfort and we are almost booked until June. How do you do it once you have kids?

For Christmas and my birthday, my parents got me a Saarinen tulip side table. We (me and the side table) are in love. 
The clutter in my guest room is a combination of real life, lack of storage, and fear of organizing. The clutter in my kitchen is just laziness...but we won't share pictures of that. As spring draws near Nate and I are anxiously awaiting the listing of more homes on the market (we have been through a handful, but we are kind of picky, anyone out there relate?). Who knows where the Lord will eventually land us, but we would like a home in disrepair so that we can renovate it to our tastes. We have about 10 months left with Apartment Life and we figure it would take at least that long to find a house, close on it and do at least some of the thousands of repairs and renovations (hopefully) before moving in and living a vagabond life on the floor with no furniture. Except my tulip table and Parson table, of course...and all my lamps. 

And lastly, I turn 24 this Thursday (really big hint to some people ;) ). Mixed feelings. I LOVE birthdays, but 24? 

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