Thursday, February 3

I love birthdays

It isn't even 9:30 and already Nate has surprised me with flowers, a balloon, and coffee with a chocolate filled croissant from Dean and Deluca. Max has commandeered the balloon and has been carrying it around the house and Reacher thinks the balloon is an intruder and eyes it with animosity. I love birthdays.
Surprise birthday cake for me and Nessa our freshman year of college (her birthday was monday). We now need to get together and discuss this phenomenon of aging and all of the wisdom that I can feel filling my head as I type. Can I legitimately post a happy birthday picture for myself? Yes, I think so. 

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i hope you all have a creative day said...

Ummm, so i nominated you for the stylish blog award. b/c you are pretty stylish. check it out. love you.

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