Tuesday, February 1

Hit me, Craigslist, one more time.

I took Little Green Notebooks advice and searched "pair" in Craigslist. It is now a favorite search of mine along with "vintage", "antique", and "bamboo".

A pair of Italianate beauties here. I want these so bad I can taste it (only $100) we could use them in our imaginary baby girl nursery, reupholster them in a subtle stripe or lipstick pink velvet? Can you dig it? Now, I know we said no birthday gifts, Nate,...but do you want to change your mind?
image 2190769158-0
These end tables could be so cool painted on either side of a English roll arm sofa.
image 2163527631-0
image 2163527631-2
These beauties would be left untouched if they went in my home. 

I am laughing at myself for going overboard today with the blogging...I forget how much I enjoy it when I take my little hiatuses. 

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