Tuesday, March 23

Dining Chair Options: Part 1

While planning for our dining room I always knew that whatever I found to go in there would probably need some TLC, DIY...and any other three letter acronyms you can think of. I never dreamed of finding a completely blank slate to work with. So the idea was always that I would paint them. But I want to throughly explore my options before making a decision about fabric, paint, and trim because I want these chairs to be able to move with us out of our apt. and into our first home. 

Option 1: Paint frame white

Option 2: Paint frame a snazzy color :)

Option 3: Silver-leaf or Gold-leaf
{don't you just want to be in that balloon room right now?}

Option 4: Stain the frame a "natural" color
{I don't really know where to put the above picture, it could be painted black or stained ebony, which would be natural...I think}
{Once again, don't know if this is a paint or some sort of lime-wash. What do you think?}
This last image is one of my all-time, top ten, absolutely favorite, can-dream-about-it-all-night-long chairs. And I honestly cannot even remember where I got the image, does anyone out there in blog-land know where it is from?
I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so drop me a line!


sarah, flourish design + style said...

oh, tough questions, but a great problem to have! xo

Alexandra said...

it depends on the fabric!! sounds like we need to go hunting again... ;)

also, that last photo-from Jenny? i have it too, and it looks so familiar.... maybe hmmm seleta?

i hope you all have a creative day said...

my vote is a snazzy color. i'm so jealous they are AMAZING! where might this awesome chair heaven be? love you!

Linda Griffeth said...

Hello Carolina Girl! Riley, I have enjoyed your blog! Yet, I have nothing to compare it to, because I have never read a blog before. Love the pictures and the dilemmas.

Finished this week's work for 210 this afternoon, so I can now work on the Design Program for Mick's home. I must tie myself to my drafting table this weekend and get a lot accomplished!
Happy weekend to you!

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