Friday, March 5

Spots of Turqoise

So sorry that I have been slacking on posting. Things are finally getting back to a "normal" routine on my end.

I am going to be helping one of my best friends in the world design her living room. Talk about a tough client, she is a graphic designer and knows her stuff. She also has a wedding planning business called "I Do," based in Greenville, SC, so look her up if you have a need!

As I am working on her living room there are a few images that I keep coming back to:

Unfortunately for us, this project might require a business-only trip to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. Sheesh. :) Ya'll have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful sunshine!


Kristi said...

oh fun! and you're right.. tough client! :) love the 5th photo down- that bed is amazing! keep up the awesome work here dear friend!

Alexandra said...

i cant wait to see my room! good thing you know me so well; oh that last photo has been a favorite of mine for a long while, good pick!! :) and i will never say no to a trip to Scotts!!

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