Monday, March 15

Playing Catch-up

Last week I visited our local HomeGoods, where I surprisingly only found one thing I had to come home with: this lattice mirror. At first I thought I might hang it on our porch, which I am about to begin decking out, but no commitment there. For $25.99 I am glad I bought it...even though I am not completely sold on the shabby-chic finish, yet.
At TJ Maxx I scored this 2'x3' rug for only $29.99. I love the vibrant red, hints of celery, blue and white. The back of it says "Kazak weave, Genuine Hand Made in India." It is currently adorning the floor of our kitchen.
And lastly, after visiting 4 of Charlotte's Targets (and one of Greenville's, thanks Mom) I was unable to find another white silk lamp shade with the black ribbon trim. Instead, I think I have decided to stick with these:
They do not have quite the same glamour, but they look good on? What do you think? Has anyone out there seen another one of these lampshades?

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Alexandra said...

i know you have so much new stuff to post about... im eagerly awaiting (though who am i to talk? its been months since i last posted. if only i could post on house stuff alone!)

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