Monday, March 1

Thrift Store Steal

Charlotte is still a big town to me, today I found myself on a less than sterling side of town trying to visit the Habitat ReStore (which was closed, booo) and find a few thrift stores. As I was driving along I made a hasty decision to visit one that I had just passed and that is where I found these two glass lamps.
They are very dirty, and may or may not actually work (yet) but they were only $6.50 each. Score. Then I went to Target to find lampshades and found the perfect one, literally only one. So, I will be visiting local Targets tomorrow to find its mate. They seem a bit Hollywood regency. I think I will put them on the long dresser in our bedroom, which is starting to come together!
Also while at Target I found this mirrored tray for only $30.00 and I fell in love with the glamour of it. So it came home with me.
I have a few more thrift stores that I wanted to hit, but it was the first time we had left Reacher at home alone in his kennel :( he was so unhappy. But hopefully he will get used to it? Anyone ever had a new puppy with extreme dependence on his human mother and distaste for his kennel? What did you do?


The Hostess said...

love, Love, LOVE those lamps! Congrats on a great steal! I am jealous!

Heather said...

Aw... poor Reacher! Unfortunately there aren't any "magic tricks", but just lots and lots of practice and patience. He'll eventually realize that you always come back. You can also practice while you're at home. Putting him in his kennel and just going into another room so that he can't see or hear you. Once he stops crying, come back, let him out and give lots of affection. Increase the time you stay away each time, and don't go back in until he stops crying. Its kind of like the Ferber Method with babies.

Good luck!


Alexandra said...

Heather's right, roo. Samson still hates his crate, but will go in it when we ask. We would also 'hide' treats in his crate so that he was in there, he would find it and associate it with good thoughts. (aka peanut butter in the back corner of the crate, or craisins/peanut butter in the kong in the crate). We would also put safe toys in there- ones he couldn't destroy or hurt himself with if left alone for a while- to help him stay occupied and not be crying. Perhaps save a very special treat for him, that he only gets when he's in the crate- for us, its the chicken jerky i got at costco... and now samson practically dances into his crate! sometimes he will walk into it and look at me, just hoping for a treat.

on a non-dog/child note, I love those lamps! are you gonna keep the brass accents? give us a sneak peak of the stuff to go in your bedroom!

Alexandra said...
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Pink Wallpaper said...

great finds!!

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