Tuesday, March 23


I started P90X again last night...so that explains the ouch. My workout regime has been, well, it hasn't been in existance since Nate and I got married last July. (eech!) Sure, there has been a day or two here or there where I thought to myself, surely I am back on track. haha :) I think we have all had that. So I decided to bite the bullet, I can admit to myself now that my workouts are better if Tony Horton is there encouraging me to do more with his made-up words like "stablatic." (a mix of ballistic and static stretching, makes you want to know more, eh?)  See the fire in his eyes? Scary.
Nate and I were doing P90X my senior year of college right before we got engaged. Then he proposed and I quit with only two weeks left, so ashamed! (in all the excitement maybe I just forgot to work out?)
Some of you might not know what P90X is and the short version is that its a fitness regime where you work out with Tony and his cronies for 1 to 1.5 hours, 6 days a week. So with Hawaii approaching in less that four months here I go again. Wish me luck!

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The Hostess said...

OUCH! I did P90X on and off for about 2 years.... it is intense!!!! Good luck to you. I did love his 10 minute abs though!

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