Thursday, November 4

Almost Friday

After class today I swung by the Lux Warehouse Sale here in Charlotte. While I was there I spotted some "root" tables, as they called them, and got one for the lakehouse :) Hope it is more sculpture than table I have decided. You can also see in the upper right hand corner the red wool herringbone fabric I got at Sleepy Poet. I am in love with it. It is contemplating becoming a headboard.
Also found this solid brass hotel luggage rack. I am thinking that it would be wonderful in a bathroom, or entry, options are limitless. I love that the hooks can slide across the bar. I am a dork. I love brass. I also love....Eddie Ross! Whoop whoop! My Eileen (yes, mine) is coming up tonight and after a night of eating, tea drinking, and movie watching, we will be joining Jaithan and Eddie at 11 am tomorrow morning. Sigh. We are pretty good friends with Jaithan already...I mean we have his cell number, duh, so we hope to get to know Eddie just as well :) I am sure its a dummy phone number, or an alternate cell phone, but we sure don't care. 
Lastly, I don't think I showed you the calendar of butterflies that I framed. The wall looks pink, its not. I love pink though...I would show you the couch, but its the scab of our apartment.
Happy Thursday.


i hope you all have a creative day said...

Eddie and Jaithan love us.

richelle jean said...

i love the last picture. butterflies are my FAVORITE!

Alexandra said...

"scab" of our apartment. you make me laugh so much. love you and cant wait to hear about your finds when i see you on SUNDAY!!!! eeeeee ps nice finds for the lakehouse and such!! I need to nursery hunt up in charlotte with you soon :)

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