Tuesday, November 2

Lake house: Main floor

So there was a brief glimpse of the upstairs in my last lake house post so I thought I might as well take you on the rest of the tour even though we will not be touching the upstairs except for minor fixes for a couple of years. But believe me, Demolition Darryl has been brainstorming ideas for it for years. When you walk in the stairs are directly in front of you.
To the right is the living room. Those couches could probably be used as bomb shelters in the next world war. They have seen hundreds of thousands of sopping wet kids, dogs, popcorn, blueberries...what? They are so squishy. When the downstairs is finished they will be migrating there and new furniture will be replacing it. 
Ahh, my favorite spot. The fireplace. The gay philosopher hanging above the fireplace went to live with the other family who bought a different lake house. He hung above my bed in college and really creeped people (Nate especially) out, but I loved him. Two club chairs will be going on either side of the fireplace and all movie viewing will be moving downstairs. We don't have cable, phone, or internet (hence the rabbit ears) and Nate is working hard to convince dad that we need to get sports channels, but we love the isolation. The folding campaign table under the mirror needs to go in Reese's room...take note, mom!
The eating table. That light fixture has already been phased out! I like the ladderback chairs, maybe paint them red and add a farm table? Apparently we have stock in styrofoam cups...
View to the kitchen. 
When we begin renovating the upstairs, this little room with change dramatically. Right now its dark, closed off, and outdated. BUT it is very functional and has worked for 23+ years. Wallpaper is coming down immediately. Reacher is like Waldo, he is somewhere in every picture. 
See those drawers? Three of the top four drawers were broken for years and we just left them! See how they fall in? Those are fixed now, but every time I open them I still brace myself for the fall. Hunter green linoleum = yummm.
The parents bedroom. 
 The pièce de résistance...


Hall bath.

My room.
Rotten part in ceiling already fixed.
Thats it!


My Domicile Style said...

Love that flame-stitch bedspread! You can tell your parents it is back in style. http://www.flor.com/mag-neat-o-radiant.html

Thanks for liking my blog! And would love to share any before or afters you do with my readers.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like such a great space!

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