Tuesday, November 16

Basement Bathroom Scenarios

Forgive me as I use this as a communication tool to show my parents what I am thinking for the lake house basement bathroom (you can see the demolition/expansion here) . This bathroom will have to serve up to 10 people at full capacity so we are out to maximize the illusion of spaciousness with a wall-mounted sink (plus we can handily store stepping stools beneath for future bambinos, PLUS (as mom and I discussed yesterday) we can just fill the second sink and it could be the baby pool. Just kidding. 
American Standard's Vitreous China All-Purpose Sink at Remodelista
Above: American Standard's Vitreous China All-Purpose Sink (30" x  22"); $594.57 at eFaucets.Kohler Brockway Wash Sink at Remodelista
Above: The classic three-foot-long Kohler Brockway Wash Sink with drillings for two faucets ; $808.86 at Every Faucet.

Two of these super fun and water-proof (because they are outdoor) sconces on either side of a mirror.
Small Industrial Static Topless Sconce, 97-Red, Ribbed Glass

Walls will be wood hung horizontally and painted white for sanitary/ spaciousness reasons. The verdict is still out on the flooring...any ideas out there? I found a mirror at Sleepy Poet for 30$, just need to go buy it ( if its still there!)...So really just flooring issues/shower tile...who out there has an amazing source/great idea?!

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Alexandra said...

surplus warehouse, next to Burlington Coat Factory (off Laurens Rd. here in Gvegas). Josh and i got our travertine for the bathroom there.... great prices! worth taking a peeksie.... otherwise i heart the tile outlet (not discount place, but still better prices around town than anywhere else) and thats where the bagel place and super bilo are. Lastly, its worth looking at lowes/home depot! thats where we got our subway tile from, for WAYYY cheap. what if you did subway tile in herringbone pattern?

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