Thursday, November 11

Slowly but surely

Things are coming together over at the parents house! Last weekend after a wonderful day with Eddie and Eileen, I headed home to work on my mom's house. Goal number one was to start making a headboard for Reese's bedroom. Referred to by many as "the room where things go to die..." I bet there is someone out there reading who can attest to this statement. No. It's not an exaggeration.  Let's see if we can find a before picture...
These pictures were taken a couple months ago during one of my cleaning (or ruthless, heartless purging of "might be" useful items if you ask mom ) days. This was after probably 3 hours of cleaning and organizing. Prior to this photo being taken camping gear was spilling out of the closet waist-deep (ok, that one is an exaggeration) and clothes were piled up in boxes, bags, or just on the floor behind the bicycle.
 It makes me smile usually (but cry this day) that Reese is almost 30 and his stuff is still at mom's house. Don't worry bro, its all packed and labeled now... there is even a box titled "Lindsay's love letters." Awww.
 The queen bed was added about 3 months ago. The bunk beds will be moving to the lake as soon as the basement is finished. Those two twin beds propped up on the wall get regular use with all of the people that come through the house.
So there is a semi-before of Reese's room. No longer a cemetery for unidentified objects.

SO. Last weekend I began building the headboard for this room with the help of dad or Demolition Darryl as you might know him.
You know the routine: Home Depot for plywood and MDF (have them cut it to size), Hancock's for foam and high-loft polyester batting, screw it all together, apply foam, then batting then fabric. Take a deep breath, stretch out your back, maybe have a stiff drink.
Here is a process photo with the fabric all lined up and stapled on. I chose not to line up the repeats of the fabric on the legs because I thought it would be a waste of perfectly good fabric I can use in another you won't even see the legs once its all put together. So, there the headboard was, in all its innocence. The fabric was almost perfectly lined up...but... I just couldn't help myself and decided that I wanted to apply nail heads. And my pride wouldn't let me do the ones that come in a strip. Noooo. Well now my pride is kicking me in the shin.
By the time I had nail headed half the headboard, these were the nail heads I had ruined and had to pull out. Those boogers are tough! Yes, I had all the tools: the nylon head hammer, the handy-dandy spacer. Still hard. 
Will be finishing the headboard in the next few weeks, gettin' on my game face.

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cathy said...

I love this. Send me the specs so I can make one for my room. Love you. aunt cathy

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