Monday, November 15

The home swap saga continues...

I mentioned the "green" room in the last post but realized most of you have no idea what that room is. It has led many lives: Travis' bedroom, my "second" room (still getting crap about that from my brothers), and most recently mom's office.
Once again, I feel like I am cheating you out of all the before and after wonder by posting semi-before pictures of this room as an office. 
By this point in the picture taking almost half of the furniture in here and been moved to the office's new location in the play room. But you can get a taste of its former glory. 
 I bet mom is starting to cringe when she sees that I have another post on her house. No comments on hoarding tendencies this time mom, promise.

Anyways after a day of cleaning we finally had all of the stuff either organized or out on the curb to the picked up by the gleaners. It's amazing how many pictures I have of this room, but  no picture of it clean with my bed moved in there. Well, just something to look forward to :)

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