Thursday, November 18

The new office: Mom's house

As mentioned previously, the office moved from the green room to here. This was the office in its interim stage.
Those pictures were hung up years before by the decorator when there was nothing else here. This is the rest of the play room. 

 The foosball table will be moving to the lake when the basement is finished! I don't know why, but that excites me, apparently.
Last weekend when I was home I moved the picture wall from mom's new office corner...seen here, again...
To the mostly empty wall above the bookcase...
I began by laying everything out on the floor and pool table, added in all of my parents diplomas, awards, etc...
Then I picked a corner and began nailing. 

I started this project at about 7 pm, and (as we can tell from the lopsided pictures) kept pushing through till I quit around 10:30. When I left Monday morning the office part of the playroom was beginning to take shape. We took the two lamps from other parts of the house, I put together the bulletin board and we finalized the fabric choice for her desk skirt. Tune in to see how I put it all together!
P.S. I am often tempted to wait until the end of these projects to share them with y' know that amazing before and after post...BUT I have decided to keep it real and show you the chaos and process it takes to put a room together, especially for a DIYer like me who wants to be hands-on with every project. Lucky for me I have an amazing family who puts up with it all!

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Alexandra said...

eeee the suspense! truly, I cant wait :)

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