Thursday, November 11

Eddie Ross, Eileen...can it get any better?

Eileen from A Creative Day (go check her out!) wrote about our weekend of eating and the Metrolina with Eddie Ross...and because she is such a great friend...and she has already written it (sound like college? anyone? anyone?) she has agreed to let me re-post her post for y'all to see what we did! So without delay here is our weekend from Eileen's perspective...

a creative day

Shopping with Eddie Ross at Metrolina was amazing. Absolutely amazing. I would have followed him around ALL day if that wasn't stalking. It was so interesting and informative to see how someone with such a great eye and such a gift for design works. He pulled inspiration everywhere, and had a knack for seeing the true potential in things. He had me looking at simple things in a new light, like getting a vintage blanket framed in plexi-glass to use as one of a kind headboard. He had great tips for holiday tablescapes, and definitely inspired me to start thinking about the holidays! But the best part about shopping with Eddie was how comfortable he and Jaithan made everyone feel- they both went out of their way to interact with all 20 or so of us on the trip.
I didn't want to creep him out and take hundreds of pictures of him while he was talking- but I did manage to sneak a few!
Riley and I with Eddie and Jaithan. Photo op!
And the work crew - Riley was kind enough to point out that I look like a midget. thanks Roo.

After we finished up and reluctantly left Eddie and Jaithan alone to recoup, Riley and I ate an amazing and healthy lunch of corn dogs and cheese fries. Then we started shopping.
I wanted this chest so badly for my dining room!
We looked at this rug for Riley's lake house- beautiful! And below is Roo modeling some fun retro dining chairs.
I should mention Eddie's knack at knowing the true value of things and major talent of getting people to lower prices, ( I ended getting 25-50% off everything I bought when I mentioned that I was with Eddie!) I spent forever pouring over some vintage glasses at one of Eddie's favorite vendors, and ended up buying some beautiful glasses for my sideboard in my dining room.
These egg prints will go perfectly in my living room. They have a relaxed vibe with some great colors. Can't wait to show you how I am going to mat these!
The speckled egg is my favorite.

So to recap. Amazing weekend. Totally worth it. Thank you Eddie and Jaithan for an amazing time!

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i hope you all have a creative day said...

"so professor, do you think that instead of writing our own essays we could just write one together? yes? great."
love you! I had the BEST weekend with you- and i def gained a few lbs, what with all the amazing stuff we ate- totally worth it!

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