Thursday, February 25

He's Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Reacher. We picked him up yesterday from a Vizsla breeder in North Carolina and we are all currently adjusting to the new addition to our family!

He enjoy cuddling, snuggling, sleeping and playing (alot). I know this must be a mother thing, but I think he just might be the most intelligent puppy ever. He slept 7 hours last night, walks beside us without a leash, and lets us know when he has to use the restroom.
The funniest thing is how much he LOVES to cuddle. He will crawl into my lap and fall right asleep and he has to be covered by a blanket or towel or he gets cold. Aww, love our puppy.
We are spending the day at home, working on potty training and getting to know our kennel. More updates later!


Heather said...

YAY! Puppies are the BEST! And Vizlas are awesome because they're like cousins to Weims! I can't wait to meet him! We must have playdates! :)

Alexandra said...

EEEEEE! Congratulations!

Samson cannot WAIT. seriously. neither can I!! Come visit his 'grandparents' and 'cousin'. Trust me, you're laughing at me now, but you'll forget that nate's first name ISNT daddy after a bit!

i hope you all have a creative day said...

He's beautiful roo!

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