Friday, February 12

Inspiration + Design Coma

My husband came home from work the yesterday and I was staring blankly at my new Benjamin Moore paint deck and he knew right away what was wrong. My mind had been taken over Blade Runner style by too many ideas. I was in a design induced coma. There is not room enough in our apartment for me to carry out my visions. When this happens I try to narrow my vision by flipping through my design files for something to strike me. I pulled this picture up like 7 times yesterday.
from Lonny Mag
I love how the bold color is carefully balanced out with the neutrals. I am so inspired by it I might boldly paint my reclaimed (from the parents house) bedside tables in a similarly bright color. Then I saw this built-in on Brooklyn Limestone painted in the most perfect shade of grey, warm and neutral: Benjamin Moore lacquer in Silver Fox.

And of course there is the silver leaf tutorial by Jenny at Little Green Notebook that I have been obsessing about since she posted it. 
What do you think I should do? Of course, once I get them painted there will be the whole issue of 2.8 million knobs that I love to choose from, but another day. Once I choose fabrics for the headboard, curtains, and bedskirt I think the answer will come. Have a lovely weekend!

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Alexandra said...

post a pic of the bedside tables so that we can mull together... but right now, im feeling that silver fox- and do a color pop with some frames, above the bed? a huge pair of prints maybe? or with your duvet/pillows... i need more of the bedroom items to get a feel...
but if you come into town, i will attempt that aluminum foil project with you; i have a pedestal table in my dining room i want to do like that...

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