Wednesday, February 24

Wednesday Wonders

Today is a very special day for me and the hubs, but I can't tell you yet! I will show you tomorrow with some pictures! As I will be away from the computer most of the day here are some photos that have been inspiring me lately.
I love the combinations of this entry. The classic black and white floor, the decadent floral wallpaper, blue ceiling and the chandeliers. 
PINK door and shutters! Nate just informed me that he loved the way these vines are creeping up the front porch. 
I think this is pretty witty, the fish prints above the clawfoot bathtub. 
One of my all-time favorites. Wouldn't you just love to read in this room? Look at the beautiful beams and the sconces at the top of the built-in bookcase. I think all the details in this room are perfect, from the tray on the ottoman to the lamp.
Love the turquoise candles in the crystal chandelier. What a fun place to eat!

This vignette feels exotic, layered, colorful; like the owner has traveled the world and could tell wonderful stories.

Love the combination of the artwork above the chest with the more traditional paintings and drawings. Same goes for the blue lamp and tattered chair. Looks lived in and loved. 
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Heather said...

I had to text Eileen and make sure you weren't preggo :)

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